Do not lose customers trust even it costs everything.


First Step of Our Journey

iApp Technology is a pack of 26 exceptional IT engineers who love to manifest the professional Web, Chatbot and AI products located at Pathum Thani, Thailand with a passion of their craft. Launched in August 2013, iApp Technology is started from the software house company who is expert in Web and Mobile App programming focused on the JavaScript language technology.

With the high demand on Artificial intelligence solutions, iApp Technology focus on applying Artificial intelligence (AI) technology especially in Thai natural language process (NLP) for Robot, Chatbot, Voice, OCR, Text processing, and Data Mining to solve problems specified for all clients in the Southeast Asia countries.

With our comprehensive team members who excellently performed in Management, Design, Application development and Artificial intelligence engineering, we delivered hundred masterpieces projects to our hundred customers on time, on budget, and exceeding your expectation.

Our Goal

We believed that the automation for “Customer Relationships” like smart chatbot will be mainstream in next few years. It can cut down the 90% of the business’s sale operation cost, which directly add a great profit margin to any businesses. It creates the great customer satisfactions with instant responses, 24-7 services and accurate information.

We believed that the “Customer Service” automation does not merely just providing the quicker services with the lesser cost. More over, the chatbot automations record all of your customers opinions. With the advancement of our AI technology, It provides you with the precise customers insight for any business, which helps you making a great business decision.

Lastly, We believe in our swift advancement on AI technology, we aimed to create AI conversation agent that can closed more sales for your business. We are striving for creating the best automated salesman in the world.

Our Team

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Management Team

Developer Team

Developer Team

AI and Chatbot Team

AI and Chatbot Team

Quality Assurance Team

Quality Assurance Team

Designer Team

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