Natural Language Processing Services

Natural Language Processing is an artificial intelligence subfields that focusing on understanding natural languages such as text. It can be used for enhance the ability of computers to understand the messages that human type into various systems. Our iApp service on NLP are listed as follows.

Conversation between human and computer agents can save a lot of time and customer service cost! It creates customers satisfaction with 24/7 and instant response time. It helps collect customers' opinions systematically. To win the customer heart, you need to know what their needs.

Recommendation System
Businesses who can offer the right things to the customers usually getting much higher sale. Recommendation system can predict and recommend the right choice to the customers. Installing these systems in your sale process es such as e-commerce website or your mobile application, you will expect the higher number of transactions in sales.

Sentimental Analysis
Understand what are your customers feeling from texts. It can classify any text into three classes e.g., Negative, Neutral, Positive. With our state-of-the-art techniques, we can get the most accurate classifier for both Thai and English text.

Intent Classification
Understand what are your customers want to do from text. It used heavily in Customer service and Chatbot applications. In the real use-case, it can classify customer inqueries to the most suitable department. For example, The inquiry message "It want to report out-of-service internet" will be directed to "IT supports" department. A call of "I want a invoice" will be directed to "Accounting" departments.

Document Categorical Classification
With our state-of-the-art algorithm, it can classify text documents from your provided examples automatically. It can be used in the document management system, knowledge management system or file hosting service like "Dropbox" and "Google drive" for automatically move or copy newly uploaded files / documents into their appropriate directory / folders automatically.

Name Entities (Person name) Extraction

Address Extraction

Unstructured Text to Structured Text (Raw Text to JSON)

Text Summarization