Thai Voice OS

Software package that enable Thai voice communication in Temi Robot


Voice Chatbot in Thai / English languages

With the iApp's Thai Voice OS, You can speak seamlessly in Thai and English languages to Temi Robot. Temi can response you back in mixing between Thai/English language as well. You can fully configure your Robot to integrated with Google Dialogflow or iApp Chochae Engine.

Custom Wakewords

With the iApp's Thai Voice OS, You can setup your own robot name and make it wake up when you call it. You can call them in any languages.

100 Smalltalks chatbot in Thai / English languages.

With the iApp's Thai Voice OS, You can ask the Temi for small jokes or to tell the date in Thai and English language. Here is the few examples: Handle most of popular small talks in Thai and English, Thai and English Jokes, Cheer up, Check time and date, Check weathers, Asking knowledge.

ระบบการรู้จำใบหน้า (Face Recognition)

With the iApp’s Thai Voice OS, Robot will be able to recognize your face or any registered faces. They will call your name once it meets. They will warn you when they found unknown faces.

Customize UIs and Application

We can develop custom UIs for Temi robots and write program to control Temi robot based on requirements you need!